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San Pedro, Bridgesii & Peruvian torch


Glad you found this website. We provide direct sales of the highest grade trichocereus specimens such as T. pachanoi, T. bridgesii, and T. peruvianus sold without corporate interference.

Purchase exceptional quality (large, vibrantly healthy, no blemishes, etc) cuttings of rare varieties both from the Cactus Kate® sacred trichocereus legacy collection, and mature specimens grown from seed collected in the wilds of the Peruvian Andes mountains. You'll love our trichocereus! V.R.

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Trichocereus Heaven
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Who was Cactus Kate?
She was Kate Jackson, who sold cactus &succulent plants with husband Jay Jackson at their Desert Theatre Nursery in Watsonville, California. Known by her customers as "Cactus Kate" — she died in 2003. Yet her vibrant spirit lives on through her plants.